Ascon Services – Experts in electronics

For over 60 years we have provided excellent service and quality to the electronics industry.


Ascon Services facilities have been specifically developed to allow for quick setup fast turnaround.

We have the staff and equipment to run multiple jobs simultaneously ensuring your prototypes are produced and back to you quickly.

Ascon Services is your first choice for prototyping PCBA.


Ascon Services can efficiently handle a wide range of production run sizes, whether it’s a small quantity or up to 5,000 pieces.

If desired, we can kit as well as manufacturer or simply assemble.

Our customers and capabilities range from small Australian based companies to multi-nationals supplying around the world.

Offshore sourcing

Ascon Services provides a wide range of sourcing solutions.

If the economics of your specific project requires it we are able to source and manage your manufacturing needs offshore.

As an ISO accredited company any offshore sourcing will be managed under our quality system.

Full turnkey solution

Ascon Services offers full turnkey solutions to bring together all the key elements of your electronic product development.

Combining our expertise in prototyping and production with local and international sourcing providing you with a single contact for all your sourcing solutions. We can source anything from components through to enclosures and data loggers.

Ascon Services is a Sydney-based, family owned company with over 60 years of electronics engineering experience. Our experience has been hard won by developing a team of engineers and technical support staff, giving you the confidence to entrust your project to us.

Our fast but accurate approach means we can carefully manage your project to your quality and time frame.

Contact Ascon Services

Our Customer Response Team and engineering teams are based in Australia and ready to help with any projects, engineering requests or enquiries you have.